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About Our Agency

“The Krishna Event” incorporated in 2014 with the mission “To provide Cost Effective Professional Event Management Services to Clients with Utmost Quality”.

We are providing various types services from Catering Services,Corp orate events,Wedding Services,Kids Birthday Party,Baby shower event,Family Event,School/College Event,Surprise Event and other events through out Pune.

“It’s the love for what we do, our attention to detail,and our unwavering personal level of interest that ensures every aspect of your event is a success.”

Our Client

- Rohit Pawar
- Rohit Pawar
- Rohit Pawar
- Rohit Pawar

Our Work Team

- Rohit Pawar
Founder @ The Krishna Event

Name: Rohit Pawar

Organization Name:The Krishna Events


Mobile No:9696031616