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Our Services

Wedding Event

We at The Krishna Event have been in the events management services and wedding coordination business. Let us be a part of your anticipated celebration of life, love, hope, and happiness.

Birthday Event

Parties for children are getting more elaborate and exotic every day. Sometimes a kid’s birthday party with a simple theme just isn’t enough. As one of the best Kids Birthday Party Planners in Pune, we help to recreate a completely new set

Catering Services

From Authentic & standard Maharashtrian menu to a wide range of dedicacies across contents such as Chinese, Mexican Fast food are our forefront in service crockery etc.Catering we provide halls & also Lawns for your parties according to your number of invites.

Baby Shower Event

Your little child is now grown up! So much so, that there’s an initiation ceremony to mark his entry into adulthood and he’s invested with a sacred thread, to symbolize the transference of spiritual knowledge! truly a spectacle to behold!

Surprise Event

We specialize in creating spectacular, unique and unexpected events for any occasion, large or small. We are dedicated to making your life easier! Truly good surprises are difficult to pull off. They require a lot of planning and flawless execution.

School/College Event

You may have a vague idea of what you want, for that we are here for you to guide and help to make your idea and plan to become a reality. An event is a one-time event focused on a specific purpose such as Fest in school/colleges.

Family Event

Families along with the employees for a Family Day are even a bigger celebration. With the right theme and activities the event becomes memorable all the members of a family.

The Corporate Event

The experience we have accumulated over the years prepares us to meet all your expectations in the corporate event management spectrum. Our team is equipped with ideas that will match your budget.

Other Event

Awards and recognition is an integral part of any corporate to keep their employees, dealers, suppliers and customers motivated. We being an event management company in Pune have the right tools to make all the winners feel special and highly motivated to perform better.